Cemetery Listings by Township 
Alden Township(Originally called Wedgewood Township) 
  • Alden Cemetery 
  • George W. Dana Cemetery 
  • Brandow Farm Cemetery 

 Algonquin Township (Originally called Fox Township)

  • Algonquin Cemetery 
  • Caldwell Family Cemetery 
  • Cary Station Cemetery 
  • Lake Avenue ⁄ Crystal Lake Cemetery 
  • Oak Glen Burial Ground 
  • St. John's Bohemian Cemetery 
  • Spring Lake ⁄ Haeger's Cemetery 
  • Willbrandt Farm Cemetery 

Burton Township (Originally called Benton Township)

  • Cole Cemetery (on the east side of Wilmot Road, 1⁄3 mile north of Main Street) 
  • English Prairie (on the south side of English Prairie Road, 1⁄3 mile west of Wilmot Road) 
  • Orvis⁄Sanborn Cemetery (on the south side of James Road, east of Wilmot Road) 
  • Wray-Imeson Cemetery  (on the east side of Richardson Road, south of English Prairie Road) 
  • Spring Grove Cemetery  (on the south side of Main Street, east of Blivin⁄Richardson Road) 
  • St. Peter Cemetery  (on the north side of Main Street on top of hill east of Winn Road) 
Chemung Township
  • Big Foot Cemetery 
  • Chemung Cemetery 
  • Harvard Cemetery 
  • Lawrence Cemetery 
  • Chemung Methodist Cemetery 
Coral Township
  • Coral Cemetery 
  • Harmony Cemetery 
  • Hillcrest Cemetery 
  • Union Cemetery (located near Union Illinois) 

Dorr Township

  • Morris G. Bell Grave 
  • Calvary Cemetery 
  • Duffield Cemetery 
  • McConnell Farm Cemetery 
  • Mt. Thabor Cemetery 
  • Oakland Cemetery 
  • Ridgefield Cemetery 
  • Still Cemetery 
Dunham Township (Originally called Byron Township)
  • Carmack Cemetery 
  • County Line Cemetery 
  • Dunham-Chemung Cemetery 
  • Jerome Cemetery  (entrance photo) 
  • Mt. Auburn Cemetery  
  • South Dunham Cemetery 
  • St. Joseph's Cemetery 
  • Unity Church Cemetery 
  • Walton Burying Ground 

Grafton Township

  • Huntley Cemetery 
  • Old Huntley Cemetery 
  • Spicer Cemetery 
  • St. Mary's Cemetery 

Greenwood Township

  • Fairview Cemetery 
  • Greenwood Cemetery 
  • Norwegian Cemetery 
  • Queen Anne Cemetery 
  • Scandinavian Cemetery 

Hartland Township

  • Hartland Union Burial Ground 
  • Heaven City Cemetery 
  • Hughes Cemetery 
  • McHenry County Cemetery 
  • Opfergelt ⁄ Rose Farm Cemetery 
  • Smith Cemetery 
  • St. Patrick's Cemetery 

Hebron Township

  • Hebron Cemetery 
  • Hopkins ⁄ Stone Corners Cemetery 
  • Linn-Hebron Cemetery 
  • South Hebron ⁄ Parker Cemetery 

Marengo Township (Originally called Pleasant Grove Township)

  • Boice Farm Cemetery 
  • Marengo Cemetery 
  • Sacred Heart Cemetery 
  • Scotch ⁄ Stewart Cemetery 
  • St. Patrick's Cemetery 

McHenry Township

  • Carr ⁄ Harrison Cemetery 
  • Ostend Cemetery 
  • Ringwood Cemetery 
  • St. John's Cemetery 
  • St. Mary's Cemetery 
  • St. Patrick's Cemetery 
  • Union Cemetery 
  • Woodland Cemetery 

Nunda Township (Originally called Brooklyn Township)

  • Crystal Lake Memorial Park 
  • Holcombville Cemetery 
  • McMillan Cemetery 
  • Mosgrove Cemetery (This property is on Barreville Rd north of Gracy Rd, and on the east side of Barreville Rd.) 
  • Prairie Grove Cemetery 
  • Old Ridgefield Cemetery 
  • Union Cemetery (located in Crystal Lake) 
Richmond Township
  • Richmond Cemetery 
  • Solon Mills North Cemetery 
  • Solon Mills South Cemetery 
  • St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery 
  • St. Peter Catholic Cemetery 
  • Washington Cemetery 

Riley Township

  • Barber Farm Cemetery 
  • Riley Township Cemetery 
  • Riley Center  (The Riley Center Memorial Cemetery, which was established in 1850 in Riley Center, is located 144 yards north of the intersection of Riley Road and Anthony Road. Anthony Road is the second road north of I-90 and intersects Route 23, which runs north and south. Proceed west from Route 23 on Anthony Road 0.76 mile to Riley Road, then proceed north 144 yards to the Riley Center Memorial Cemetery, which is on the west side of Riley Road, at Riley Center). 

Seneca Township

  • Franklinville Cemetery 
  • PioneerCemetery