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Olcott I need help getting the records for the Boice Farm Cemetary outside of Marengo.  I do not believe they are on line.  Need verifcation of the deaths of Roswell Olcott DOD 12⁄1876 and his wife Lydia DOD 2⁄1853.

(Note further research : Records indicate Lydia and Roswell are buried in Boone County, Illinois, East Bonus Cemetery located on Woodstock Road. I could not locate any burial records.
Olcott Lydia (Russell) 22 Jan 1791   18 Feb 1853 w⁄o Roswell   6⁄57b
Olcott Roswell   28 Jun 1789   3 Dec 1876  6⁄57a )

Do not know if any Olcotts are still in the area.  They showed 5 children on the 1850 census and 3 were boys.  If you have any reference to the family in general, please point me to it.

Thanks for any and all help!
Mary Cole 4⁄1⁄2009
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