Latest Updates
  • Rearranged main page of the McHenry website.
  • Added Search ILGenWeb feature to the Available Searches topic
  • Added Available Searches reference text to main page
  • Added Military topic and added Ilinois Soldiers and Sailors Home Residents list to theMilitary topic as submitted by Norma Hass. 
  • Removed no longer applicable and out of date Latest Updates entries for 2007 and 2008.
  • Removed bullet points and revised page formatting in Latest Updates topic.
  • Updated 1998 query in the Queries 1998 - 2003 for Butts, Dickson, Emery, Lashbrook, Miller, Nowak, Quigley, Shufelt, White with new research information as supplied by Paul F Heaton.  
  • Added Gravestones topic under Cemetery Photographs and added Jacob S. & Caroline Dickson gravestone photo as submiotted by Paul F. Heaton.  
  • Reformatted all dates on all pages as text is too small.
  • Changed Searches topic to Available Searches  
  • Combined the four separate searches in the Available Searches topic to display on single page
  • Removed broken link People Search - Genealogy Resources in theAvailable Searches topic
  • Updated text format throughout web site 
  • Removed broken links in the Links topic and added Harvard Diggins digital newspaper link. 
  • Revised Site Navigation text on main page of web site to show navigation example graphics.
  • Removed Jean Brusca from Look Ups and Researchers section as her email address is not working.
  • Added Queries 2015 to Query Archives and changed Query Archives topic name to Queries and Query Archives  
  • Added Page surname query to Queries 2015 topic as submitted by Jennifer Mace. 
  • Removed Query Surnames A - N and Query Surnames N - Z under the Queries and Query Archives topic as these topics provided no useful information. 
  • Removed new mode topic that was at the bottom of the Navigation Tree. 
  • Removed web site link in the Look Ups and Researchers topic and removed researcher name Craig Pfannkuche researcher name and associated email address.   
  • Updated Copyright Information topic date to 2015.
  • Fixed broken links in theSchools topic 
  • Reformatted all text in the Schools topic to increase font size 
  • Removed all email addresses in the Query Archives topic as a vast percentage of the email addresses shown were obsolete.
  • Fixed broken links in the major towns shown on the main page of the McHenry site. 
  • Fixed broken links in the Links page. 
  • Fixed broken links in the Libraries topic
  • Updated page format for entire web site. 
  • Removed header graphic. 
  • Moved separate topic McHenry Background from Navigation Tree to main page.
  • Added Arad Jones obituary to Obituaries topic as submitted by Leslie Chapman.
  • Updated email address for surname Hrdlicka and Davies in the Queries 1998-2003 sub topic as submitted by Bonita Hillmer.
  • Removed AtomZ site search in the Searches topic as it is not working. Added Google site search.
  • Updated information in Vital Records topic
  • Changed topic title Query Submissions & Archives in Navigation Tree to Query Archives.
  • Added page header graphic to all pages.
  • Added Submissions to this Web Site & Queries with links to main page.
  • Added Searches link to main page.
  • Added Queries 2010 sub topic to the Query Submissions & Archives topic. 
  • Added Oren Davis Ellsworth query to Queries 2010 sub topic as submitted by Thomas Ellsworth.
  • Added Sidney Sylvester Carney and Mildred Marble wedding photograph to Historical Photographs & Graphics ⁄ McCannon Family Photographs topic as submitted by Karen Swegle Holt.
  • Removed Research and Reference as a separate topic and combined all sub topics into the navigation tree.
  • Added additional information for John Smith (Schmitt) obituary as submitted by Charlotte Flock.
  • Removed integrated site search and added AtomZ search. Rearranged Navigation Tree
  • Changed site email address.
  • Added Queries 2009 Section under Research and Reference - Query Submissions and Archives
  • Added Olcott surname query to Queries 2009 section as submitted by Mary Cole. 
  • Added Olcott surname to Query Surnames N - Z section under Research and Reference section. 
  • Corrected email address for Jean Brusca